Welcome to Mistress Mary Mushrooms and Gardens!


Mistress Mary is a mushroom and produce farm located in Sanbornville, NH.  

Take a walk around our site, enjoy reading about us, our farm, the produce that we grow, and see how we make all the things here at Mistress Mary.  View our galleries where you can learn how we built our farm and grow our mushrooms. See what newest things are going on at Mistress Mary on the "Current Happenings!" page under the "Events" tab.  Check back often to see new pictures and updates.

We look forward to hearing from you! Contact us with any questions about our produce or farm and we will gladly get back to you.

Our online store is now open! We currently offer a few varieties of plug spawn and a very affordable mushroom log drill kit.  We are also offering sterile agar petri dishes for creating your own mushroom cultures.  Mushroom cultures and other items will be available shortly so please check back!! 


August 2018 UPDATE:

The mushroom foraging season has begun, and the shrooms are blowing up all over the place.  Check out what Mistress Mary found in her woods this month so far under the "Events" tab.

We are now in full swing at two Summer Markets in NH.  Check out the "Farmers' Markets" page under the "Events" tab for more info!

We are also finally getting fruitings on our Totems.  Yes, you can grow Shiitake on Totems!  Check out the "Grow Mushrooms Outdoors" page under the "How To" tab!